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Frequently Asked Question

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How did FlipTrade build its signal engine?

We recruited an army of truly astoundingly poor daytraders. We then assembled a massive dataset of their trades that was analyzed by two Machine Learning models to replicate the distinct and surprisingly consistent human behavior patterns that led to steady and significant losses.

Our signals are the product of that extensive and ambitious project.

We then built a platform and internal API that flips those signals to offer our service to further the retail trading revolution.

If it works, why wouldn't you just start a hedge fund?

We could, and we still might; however, we concluded that it would still be profitable and much more impactful to share our signal engine with the general trading community.

What is your guarantee policy?

If you subscribe to our signal feed as a Full-Suite subscriber your are eligible for a monthly subscription fee refund + $150 Amazon Card for any month the trades signaled didn't generate a gain if you:

1. Follow ALL of the signals of the instruments in your feed (full round trips) for a FULL month.

2. Didn't generate a cumulative gain on the round-trip trades in your FlipTradeX signal feed.

3. Send your brokerage statement to so that our team can conduct a manual audit against the signaled trades.

4. After our team concludes that the exactly followed signaled trades did indeed result in a loss (allow up to 5 business days for our team to review your statement), we will issue a refund and a $150 Amazon gift card to your email address on file within 14 business days of audit.

If you have any further questions, please let us know.

I would like signals on an additional instrument. Can I request coverage?

Absolutely! We actively add new instruments. If there are other instruments you'd like covered please let us know.

Do you offer discounts for YouTubers or other high-profile individuals?

Please contact our team to see if you qualify.