We're on a mission to accelerate the retail trading revolution

Institutional traders still have a death grip on retail traders. We created a log-in-and-go method to convert mistakes novice traders have made into the very solution that can reduce those mistakes in the future.

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Our Founders

Our founders have experience in the markets going back to the dot com bubble,  the 2008 financial crisis, and recently the GME squeeze. We've come from financial institutions such as UBS with experience that includes structured products, and hedge funds, funds of funds (comprised of many of the largest hedge funds, measured by AUM), and co-founding a private equity firm that now has over $190MM in AUM.

We noticed what people take for granted: the retail investor is hopelessly disadvantaged by the structure of the markets, and most significantly their own emotions. Daytrading is regarded as a fool's errand. Yet the reasons people blow up their accounts are predictable and repeated over and over and over.

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The Mission: Empower traders to convert classic mistakes into profits

We asked a simple question:

Why is it that losing money trading the markets (and even blowing up an account) is effortless, yet beating the market takes PhDs, and supercomputer driven AI algorithms?

Why not just invert the trades of the worst of the worst traders?

What if one of the greatest trading strategies was hiding in plain sight all along?

So we set to work accumulating a study group, and conducted hours and hours of uninfluenced observational data. Our dataset was astounding: the mistakes were crystal clear, and could be digitalized.

We hired a team of machine learning experts to cross analyze the human behavior in the dataset against the corresponding price action, and built two separate machine learning models to predict that same behavior retroactively and in real-time.

The results were so profound that we next had to decide which approach to take:

Create another private fund to make the rich richer, or make it available to the public as a subscription-based signal service to equip retail traders better tools to extend the retail trading revolution. You can see which option we chose 😉.

What Drives Our Team

Let's redefine how the markets function.
Let's make trading more sustainable. Let's do this together!

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Ask absurdly obvious questions others seem to be overlooking. Get the answers. Implement.

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Build A Global Team

Bring together an international brain trust to answer tough questions, and get things done.

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Let's FlipTrade even more powerful, together. You have ideas, we want to hear them. We're fast, and nimble, and will continue to innovate.

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Retail traders believe in the dream. They haven't had access to meaningful tools--technical-based indicators just haven't cut it for the masses.

HQ & Data Centers

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San Francisco, CA

794 Mcallister St San Francisco, California(CA), 94102

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New York, NY

653 Springfield Gardens, New York (NY), 11413

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Leadership team

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Our partners

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